Aphelios is Voted as the Most Annoying Champion with a Massive 40% Vote Rate

Aphelios is the most annoying champion according to a survey that was participated by more than 10,000 people with a vote rate of 40%. PapaDrag0on recently created a survey in the League of Legends subreddit to check out who is the most annoying champion and Aphelios tops the list with 3904 votes.

Top 5 Most Annoying Top Laners

most annoying top

The little devil Teemo tops the charts for the most annoying champions in the Top Lane with a 10.5% vote rate. The meta might not be in favor of Teemo but with a 10.5% vote rate clearly shows Top Laners still struggles against Teemo. Akali and Tyndamere are very close to each other with only a 0.3% difference in vote rate.

  1. Teemo (10.5%)
  2. Akali (9.5%)
  3. Tryndamere (9.2%)
  4. Darius (7.9%)
  5. Illaoi (7.5%)

Top 5 Most Annoying Jungler

most annoying jungle

Shaco the Demon Jester is voted to be the most annoying jungler with 23.3% vote rate. Shaco is also the second most voted champion beside Aphelios. His invisibility and recent W changes definitely make him a decent jungler in the current meta. Yi and Lee also make it to the top 3 list.

  1. Shaco (23.3%)
  2. Yi (11.9%)
  3. Lee Sin (10.2%)
  4. Ekko (6.5%)
  5. Evelynn (6.4%)

Top 5 Most Annoying Mid Laners

most annoying mid

The classic 0/10, level 7 Mastery Yasuos in your team or a level 7 Yasuo in the enemy team, both are extremely annoying. Akali also makes herself in the top 5 list of Mid laners with a 12.9% vote rate which makes her a combined 22.4% vote rate.

  1. Yasuo (18.6%)
  2. Akali (12.9%)
  3. Fizz (11.2%)
  4. Zoe (10.0%)
  5. Zed (4.5%) 

Top 5 Most Annoying ADC

most annoying ADC

Aphelios recently had a 223% ban rate in Korean Challenger clearly shows how people feel about Riots’ newest ADC. He tops the survey with a massive 40% vote rate and received 3904 votes out of 10000. Although Riot decided and planning to nerf him back to back in the patch 10.1 and 10.2. Caitlyn is the second most annoying ADC with a 15% vote rate and Yasuo also makes himself into the ADC list as well.

  1. Aphelios (40.0%)
  2. Caitlyn (15.0%)
  3. Draven (7.7%)
  4. Yasuo (6.1%)
  5. Ezreal (4.2%) 

Top 5 Most Annoying Supports

most annoying supports

Pyke topped the list with a 11.7% vote rate followed by Nautilus with a 9.9% vote rate. The other three support champions are Blitzcrank, Morgana and Brand.

  1. Pyke (11.7%)
  2. Naut (9.9%)
  3. Blitz (8.0%)
  4. Morgana (7.8%)
  5. Brand (7.1%)

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