Aphelios has now been buffed, nerfed, or hot fixed Ten times in just Fourteen patches

With the upcoming nerf in patch 10.13, Aphelios has received changes ten times since his release and nine times in Season 10 alone.

Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful was released on patch 9.24 to become League’s 147th champion. Designed by CertainlyT, the main goal was to create a non-traditional AD carry with a fairly complex kit.

However, upon his release, players soon figured out his kit and Aphelios turned out to be a relatively easy champion to play but hard to play against. He had such a massive win rate and ban rate that just after a few days of his release, Riot had to hotfix nerf him in his release patch 9.24.

But for Aphelios, nerfs were just about to begin. In the preseason, Aphelios broke record after record, at one point on the Korean Challenger ladder he had an unbelievable 223% ban rate. Which resulted in getting two changes on patch 10.1 alone. At the beginning of season 10, League players even voted Aphelios to make him the most annoying champion in League of Legends.

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After the patch 10.1 changes, he again received back to back three more nerfs in patch 10.2, 10.3, and 10.4. Many players thought Aphelios was done after those nerfs, but stats showed different things. Even with all these nerfs he still had a 40%+ ban rate worldwide on patch 10.5. Thus, Riot nerfed him again in patch 10.6.

With all those changes his solo queue presence dropped significantly. His win rate dropped to below 50% and his ban rate decreased as well.

As his kit heavily favor pro games, even with all the nerfs he remained as one of the supreme ADC in the professional League of Legends. In the 2020 Spring season, Aphelios had an astonishing 94% presence across all the major regions.

As a result, Riot Games decided to gut him down on patch 10.8, nerfing his almost every possible combination.

But, on patch 10.11, Riot Games decided to give AD carries their long lost carry potential with a massive update. Aphelios was also included on the list, therefore he got base HP and HP growth buff.

After the buff, apparently, his presence in the 2020 Summer split is massively 90.3% with a 54% win rate. Aphelios also has a strong influence on the current patch 10.12 soloq where he is sitting at a 49.16% win rate, 17.5% pick rate, and 20.9% ban rate.

And now, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter revealed that on patch 10.13, they are nerfing him yet again. Therefore, with patch 10.13 changes he has now received buffs, nerfs, or hotfixes Ten times in just Fourteen patches since his release.

A lot Aphelios mains thinks they saw this nerf in patch 10.13 coming. But some believe nerfing Conqueror and Death’s Dance on the same patch is kinda overkilling for Aphelios.

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