Apex Legends Season 9 Leaks: A New Weapon, Map Update, New Legend, Battlepass, Arena Game Modes, & More

Since we are almost at the tail end of season 8 of Apex Legends, every day we are getting new teasers for the upcoming season.

We already have plenty of leaks from both data miners and playtesters that gave us a glimpse into what exactly is coming in season 9. Even though some of the things that we are going to mention might not arrive within season 9, they might still arrive later in season 10.

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Or they could be scrapped from the game altogether since these are all still leaks and should be taken with a grain of salt. Although these leaks are from a pretty reliable data miner who has got things right in the past.

Olympus Map Update:

Olympus is rumored to get the next big map update in the upcoming season 9 of Apex followed by a smaller update to Worlds Edge. Olympus was released back in season 7. And following that, this map didn’t receive any substantial changes.

However, seems like that may change at the beginning of season 9. The data miner states that Olympus should get the big map update at the start of the season and World’s Edge should get somewhat of a subtle update mid-season. This is similar to what they have done in season 8 as Kings Canyon received a massive update and Olympus didn’t receive anything significant.

A New Legend for Season 9:

As with every other season, Respawn is currently playtesting their upcoming legend. They even started to release some of the teasers.

New Apex Legend season 9
Image via Biast12

Right now, there are four possible candidates for the legend position in Apex. Among them, only one could be introduced as the new legend for season 9. For example, Valk, Blisk, Ash, and Pariah are some of the notable ones. The recent barrage of leaks from playtesting sessions gave us a look at some of these upcoming legends’ abilities.

Apex Legends’ director stated that they have already “locked-in” legends up to season 12. This means Respawn has already decided upon which legend they will release with season 9. According to the data miner, Valk should be the next legend in Apex.

New weapons

Based on all the playtesting leaks, currently, Respawn is working on three completely different weapons for Apex Legends. However, as of now, the data miner is claiming that we mightn’t see any new weapon being added to the game in season 9.

Instead, season 10 should introduce a new weapon as Respawn has already added a new weapon called the 30-30 Repeater at the start of season 8. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Respawn would introduce another weapon to the weapon pool in season 9.

Season 9 Battle Pass

According to the data miner, the season 9 battle pass will be called “Resurgence”. And the overall color theme of the upcoming season will be purple. Although the final name could still change before the official reveal.

In terms of battle pass skins, the leak has revealed that Volt SMG is apparently getting a legendary skin at battle pass level-1 alongside some other rare skins for legends like Lifeline, Mirage, Wattson.

Furthermore, Revenant and Gibraltar are rumored to get the legendary skin treatment at battle pass level 25 and level 50 respectively. This is quite common for every new season as you usually get two new legendary skins for characters. For example, one at level 25 and the other one at level 50.

Gibralter’s skin will be called “Warmonger” and Revevnant will get the “Combat Carcass” skin.

Additionally, Revenant, BloodHound, Valk, Fuse, Crypto will get battle pass exclusive sky diving emotes. This sky diving emotes will only be available to battle pass owners.

Arena Game Mode

At this point, we have heard plenty of rumors of this arena game mode for the last couple of reasons. This type of experimental game mode should give players more ways into which they can enjoy Apex Legends. This mode is also rumored to have a dedicated ranked mode. Basically, it is supposed to be a 3v3 style team deathmatch type mode.

According to the data miner, Arena mode might take place within Kings Canyon. Octane gauntlet or Military base are two of the possible locations where this game mode might take place.

Upcoming heirloom

A recent leak implies that Crypto is next in line to get his heirloom. And we also have a pretty clear idea of what the heirloom might look like. According to the leaker, Crypto’s heirloom will be called “Jikdo”.

Just like every other heirloom launch, there will also be a limited-time collection event. And the leak suggests it will have a post-apocalypse theme.

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That all the leak we have for the upcoming season 9, as of writing. We’ll update this article with more information regarding the upcoming season of Apex Legends.

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