Apex Legends Season 7 will Simplify Challenges and the Overall Reward and Objective Structure

EA recently announced that Apex Legends’ challenges in Season 7 are getting a massive overhaul. Challenges have been changed quite a bit, which will make the Battle Pass progression much more streamlined and rewarding.

Recently EA shared a blog post about the upcoming changes to the Season 7 challenges. Apex Legend’s Senior Product Manager Geoff Harrison explained the upcoming changes to challenges in the blog post.

In this article, I will be going over the changes made to the challenges that are coming in Apex Legends Season 7 as well as explaining some of the changes.

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The blog post said,

“Battle Pass progress is now awarded as Stars (or a full Battle Pass level) as opposed to CP. Each star is 1/10th of a level, and each star fills in a slot on the star meter. When the meter is full, the level is awarded and the meter is reset. This makes it much easier to view partial progress toward the next level.”

According to the blog post, there will be a star system for displaying Battle Pass progress in Apex Legends Season 7. Each star is 1/10 of a previous Battle Pass level. Getting a star will fill one of the slots in the Star Meter. After all the 10 stars are filled, you will gain one Battle Pass level.

This will help players clearly understand partial progress in the Battle Pass.

Stars Fill System Credit: EA


Challenge tracking is also getting an overhaul in Season 7. Challenges will be sorted into categories such as dailies, weeklies, and events. Challenges closest to completion will be prioritized and put at the top of the list.

This will help players understand which challenges to focus on in their next match, and make completing them easier.

Apex Legends New Challenge Tracker Credit: EA/ Respawn


Match summary has been reworked to show key challenge information more clearly. Players will be able to understand clearly how each match is contributing towards that Battle Pass progression.


According to the blog post new objectives and rewards will also be introduced in Apex Legends Season 7.

“There are new challenge objectives and rewards to create a more varied and rewarding experience:

  • There are no more recurring Weekly Challenges, but those rewards have been rolled into the revamped Daily Challenges. 
  • Unique Weekly Challenges can still be completed at any time during the season. They are very similar in terms of objectives and rewards, but the difficulty is now more consistent. 
  • The XP Challenge now awards 1 star for each 10,000XP earned. The premium Battle Pass boosts now increase progress by up to 50% by boosting how much XP gets counted for the challenge. The boosts do not increase the underlying XP gains.”

Certainly these changes will make the life of players much more easier and make Leveling the Battle Pass much more rewarding.

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