Apex Legends’ ranked mode might add a permanent region lock to guarantee competitive integrity

Respawn Entertainment is hinting towards restricting players within their own region in the ranked mode to ensure competitive integrity in Apex Legends, especially in the high ELO.

Apex Legends is a battle royale spin-off of the popular Titanfall franchise of video games which is set in the same universe. Following its official debut back in 2019, this battle royale game made a name for itself in this competitive market mainly due to its superior FPS mechanics paired with seasonal updates.

Also, to satisfy the demand of competitive players, Respawn launched a ranked mode alongside the season 2 update. To say that the ranked mode is a hotly debated topic in the Apex community would be a huge understatement as many players feel that the overwhelming presence of cheaters is running the experience of players at all skill buckets.

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The situation is even worse for players in the high ELO such as Masters and above where hackers reign supreme. Unfortunately, Respawn’s attempt at tackling these issues has been categorized as lackluster by many.

Respawn might add region lock in ranked

According to Respawn, they are in the process of introducing more drastic action to deal with cheaters and exploiters in the ranked mode. To guarantee competitive integrity at the highest rank of Apex Legends, they are adding net codes improvements.

Furthermore, Respawn even tested out region locking in the highest rank of Apex Legends such as Masters and Predators to combat cheaters in the last two weeks. Respawn stated that they saw most regions regaining a portion of their native players.

Apex Legends rank region lock
Image via Respawn

As these results seem promising so far, there is a good chance the region lock feature might get added to the game on a permanent basis. Although it has not been officially confirmed by Respawn yet, as of writing.

Surprising no one, many players are not happy with this decision as players in some regions play in other servers to avoid blatant cheaters. In response, Respawn claims that they are addressing these concerns with their security team and more improvements will arrive in the upcoming months.

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