Apex Legends Pro TSM_ImperialHal Gets Swatted Live On Twitch

Apex Legends pro TSM_ImperialHal recently got swatted during his 5th January Twitch Livestream.

“Swatting is the action or practice of making a hoax call to the emergency services in an attempt to bring about the dispatch of a large number of armed police officers to a particular address.” This is the meaning of swatting according to Dictionary.com.

Swatting is not an uncommon phenomenon for streamers as we see clips of streamers getting swatted often. Sometimes a streamer’s address is leaked and some viewers might call emergency services and say something that can bring police officers to the streamer’s address.

The recent victim of a swatting incident is Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen who is an Apex legends pro currently playing for TSM. During his 5th January Livestream on Twitch, ImperialHal was swatted.

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ImperialHal Swatted Live on Twitch:

ImperialHal was streaming Apex Legends on January 5th just like any other day. When suddenly he heard loud banging on the door followed by a voice saying, “Sheriff’s office, open the door”. To which ImperialHal replied with “I’m opening the door”. We then see in the clip that Hal gets up to open the door.

In the second clip, we cannot see what’s happening but we can hear the conversions between the law enforcement officials and ImperialHal. We can hear that Hal calmly complied with all the requests from the officer.

Hal finally returns after several minutes and explains the situation to his teammates CLG’s “Immadness” and TSM’s “Snip3down”. Just like all the viewers, they were surprised at the sudden turn of events.

Hal then explains the whole situation as “That was pretty civil”. He later went on to elaborate on the matter saying that, “They kicked down the f**king door. They didn’t do anything f**king crazy or anything. They had like pistols and sh*t but they didn’t like do anything physical on me.”

Apparently, the officers were well aware of streamers getting swatted. This helped ImperialHal to explain the situation to them without any further escalation.

ImperialHal later went on to Twitter to post about the incident. In the Twitter post he said, “Just got Swatted, Nice, everything is fine tho”.

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