Apex Legends players are not happy with the new Halloween store skin bundle policy

The Halloween-inspired “Monsters Within” event in Apex Legends is now live across all the different platforms.

Similar to most other live service video games, Apex Legends receives a spooky makeover and a limited-time game mode called “Shadow Royale” every year during Halloween. The limited-time game mode pits living and dead teammates against each other where the dead teammates can use advanced movement techniques such as wall-running.

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Aside from a new Arenas-specific “Encore” map and a fan-favorite LTM, players are very excited regarding what Respawn has in store for them in the cosmetics department. You can’t really enjoy Halloween without some terrifying monster-themed event skins.

Owning a “Core” item

On that front, the art design team at Respawn definitely did an excellent job. On top of that, some old recolors of previous Halloween event skins also made a return to the store in the form of bundles. Unfortunately, if you own one of the skins from this particular bundle you aren’t allowed to buy the bonus recolor of that original skin from the digital store.

In short, you are locked from getting your hands on that exclusive skin recolor if you own any of the “core” items in that specific skin bundle that is available in the Apex store right now.

Apex Halloween Skin Bundles
Image via EA

This subtle skin bundle policy has drawn a lot of criticism from the community. Most players want Respawn to take another look at this policy. Unsurprisingly, players want the ability to buy whatever skins that they like without any restrictions. Respawn hasn’t made any official response regarding the issue, as of writing.

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