Apex Legends players are not happy with the declining quality of the “epic” tier battle pass skins

Respawn releases battle pass exclusive skins in every new seasonal update of Apex Legends.

As Apex Legends is a live service game with evolving content model, Respawn usually introduces new seasonal cosmetic items in battle passes to keep the player base engaged. It also incentivizes both new players as well as returning veterans to purchase the battle pass to gain access to the exclusive seasonal skins.

The battle pass in Apex Legends features five legendary skins for characters as well as weapons. Also, there are some rare and epic tier skins added to the mix to further incentivize players to buy the seasonal battle pass.

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Although over the years some players in the Apex Legends community have started to voice their concerns regarding the declining quality of the ‘epic’ tier battle pass skins. While the legendary skins in the battle pass receive adequate love from Respawn, the low-tier skins, on the other hand, have fallen down in terms of quality.

Apex battle pass skins
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Are battle pass skins losing their magic?

Even ‘rare’ tier skins in the past battle pass seem better in comparison to the ‘epic’ tier skins in the current season 11 battle pass. Consequently, some players within the community are really upset at Respawn.

While the reactive battle pass skins are still as good as ever and the new heirlooms have more robust equip animations, rare and epic tier cosmetic items are falling behind. On top of that, rumor surrounding the addition of a new ‘Mythic’ tier skin is looming around the horizon.

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Respawn hasn’t made any official comment regarding this issue yet, as of writing. The general consensus surrounding the overall quality of the battle pass exclusive skins is quite poor, to say the least.

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