Apex Legends’ next-gen PS5 & Xbox Series X update might nerf controller aim assist

The rumor mill surrounding the next-gen update targeted towards the PS5 & The Xbox Series X is getting heated up quite a bit and seems like that patch may also nerf aim assist on the next-gen consoles.

The new generation of gaming consoles from both Sony and Microsoft have arrived almost a year ago. However, due to the chip shortages and scalpers, the whole global supply chain just couldn’t keep up with the demand of the hungry player base stuck at home.

That being said, some lucky few did get the privilege to upgrade to the next-gen. Turns out, the raw power of the next generation of consoles was truly amusing. This meant the pressure was now on the developers to fully utilize the full power of these consoles.

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Next-gen “120 fps” update

Higher fps, crispy 4k visuals, and a possible mode with ray tracing are not out of the conversation yet as Respawn hasn’t revealed any solid plans on how they want to approach the update. Although, Respawn devs have stated in the past that a ‘120’ FPS option is in the works.

Even though a high FPS mode is being worked on, it still doesn’t guarantee that the actual patch will allow players to enjoy this battle royale at a steady 120 FPS since the mode is still being worked on at the moment. According to the data miners, Respawn has been working on this update for a whole year now.

Apex next gen update controller aim assist
Image via Respawn

But one side effect of this next-gen update could cripple aim-assist on the next-gen consoles. Meaning controller aim assist might get hit pretty hard while cross-play is enabled on the next generation of consoles. Cross-play basically allows players from different platforms to play with each other in the same lobby.

Aim assist on PC is weaker than consoles

As PC players mostly use mouse and keyboard, aim-assist values on the PC are slightly lower than their console counterparts. And the same nerfed-down aim assist values may become commonplace with the next-gen consoles when crossplay is enabled to ensure fair play.

We already saw how Respawn accidentally nerfed controller aim assist on PC with the Escape update. And the exact same could occur with the next generation update as well.

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However, as these are all leaks from data miners, take them with a grain of salt since things could still change at the very last minute.

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