Apex Legends’ next-gen PS5 & Xbox Series X update: data miner suggests it is “very close”

The highly anticipated next-gen update for Apex Legends targeted towards PS5 & the Xbox Series X might be just around the corner, a new leak suggests.

The next-gen consoles such as the PlayStation 5 & the Xbox Series X have been out for a whole year now. However, the next-gen updates of Apex Legends for these consoles have not been released yet. Although data miners are hinting that an update featuring enhancements targeted towards the next-gen console is in the works.

Both the next-gen consoles are leaps and bounds more powerful than their predecessors. As such, they finally have the capability to output either 4k visuals or 120 FPS mode. While it may not sound like a lot to hardcore PC gaming enthusiasts who have been using these features since the release of Apex, the high FPS option will still be a gamechanger provided if Respawn decides to go on that route.

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What would next-gen update look like for Apex?

According to developers at Respawn Entertainment, they have not come to a solid decision regarding whether or not the next-gen update will entirely focus on resolution, higher FPS, or both. It is becoming more commonplace for AAA game publishers to provide players with both a resolution as well as a performance mode so that players can choose for themselves.

Having the flexibility to choose either high FPS or more crispy visuals would be a win for the gamers. For example, all the latest Call of Duty titles are including a ‘120 FPS’ mode. And if you pair that with a good 120hz monitor then the actual experience can be considered as true next-gen.

Apex next gen update
Image via Respawn

Furthermore, the leak also revealed that Respawn is working on taking full advantage of the adaptive haptic feedback of the new PS5 controller. This has been a highly requested feature from the PS5 community.

When will next-gen update for Apex arrive?

In the recent 11.0 patch, Respawn apparently added code for the next-gen update for both consoles. This indicates that a next-gen update is looming around the horizon. And we may soon get an official announcement from Respawn.

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Also, another source claims, the next-gen update will come alongside the long-awaited cross-progression update for the game which is slated for a 2022 release. If the leaks are correct then expect the next-gen improvements to arrive in the first quarter of 2022. However, as these are still leaks and in no way an official confirmation from Respawn, take them with a grain of salt.

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