Apex Legends new tease strongly suggests one of Loba’s ability

Respawn might have teased one of her abilities

Loba is the new character that will ship with the launch of Apex Legends season 5 on May 12th.

Apex legends official twitter account just released their latest tease. While Respawn still hasn’t actually confirmed what Loba’s ability will look like, this new tease more than confirms the popular belief that she possessed some kind of teleportation device.

The new tease named “PROJECT 617” goes into more detail about a particular experimental device that could use transference to maybe teleport matters. Although the repetition of the process causes the subject to be corrupted indefinitely. So, it kind of confirms the long-running rumor that Loba’s abilities will be centered around this experimental device.

Teleportation confirmed?

Since she is allegedly a thief, she might have stolen this tool from one of Hammond Robotics’ research facilities. And then used it to further enhance her already sharpen skills. Loba’s character trailer also showed that she used the stolen device to escape unscathed.

Most of the rumor around her abilities indicates that she will be a great alternative to Wraith. Although the writers in Apex have already expanded upon the rumor as they claimed that Loba will have her own unique abilities. The writers also confirmed that there will be spicy voice lines between Loba and Revenant regarding their past incidents.

It seems that we still have to wait for the official release of Loba’s tool kits. At this point in time, after all the teasers and leaks, it is pretty clear that most of her abilities will use this teleportation device in one way or another. Hopefully, we all can actually see what Loba is all about in the upcoming season of Apex Legends.


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