Apex Legends’ new Arenas map Encore: Release Date, Lore, & More

The next map in Apex Legends dedicated to the Arenas game mode has been leaked by a reliable data miner.

The game director of Apex Legends already stated that they are working on introducing different game modes. As such, Respawn released Arenas as a permanent game mode alongside their regular battle royale game mode.

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Following the massive popularity of this additional game mode, Respawn also included a ranked variant for players who are looking for a competitive experience. However, some players weren’t happy with the overall map selection for Arenas since most of them were taken directly from the already existing map pool.

Since the original maps weren’t actually made from the ground up to be 3v3 friendly, many of them didn’t really stand out. Also, due to technical limitations, while playing in the Arenas mode, the game client had to be load the entire battle royale-specific map instead of the portion where the game actually takes place.

Consequently, loading times were worse for Arenas maps that were a part of the battle royale map pool such as Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus. But that will soon change as Respawn seems to be working on a new map that will give the already small selection of Arenas-specific maps a much-needed boost.

Introducing Encore:

According to the data miner, Encore is a map that is situated on a club that is owned by Seer. And similar to other Arenas-specific maps, it will have a three-lane design where two teams will be spawned at opposite sides.

Apex Arenas map Encore
Image via Shrugtal

But this map will apparently have long sightlines which may make it a haven for snipers. Since these maps have close ties with Seer, expect to see some legend-specific easter eggs. We’ll definitely keep an eye on any kind of easter eggs or surprises in this new map.

Encore Map Release Date:

The new Arenas map Encore will be live after the Rampart town takeover event ends on 29th September 2021. As this release date was from a leak, take it with a grain of salt.

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