Apex Legends’ mobile version may release sooner than expected.

More details confirmed on Apex Legends mobile

There were rumors of a mobile port of Apex Legends back in February last year when the game was released. Many claimed that the mobile version was developed simultaneously with the PC and console port.

Since at that time PUBG mobile was dominating the mobile gaming market, it was not that improbable to think that a mobile port to be in active development. Analysts are claiming that the game may be coming sooner than many expected.

Respawn and EA both confirmed on partnering with Chinese partners

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Partnering with Chinese Giants

The mobile gaming market is flooded with games like PUBG mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Garena Free Fire, Legends of Runeterra, etc. All these games have on thing in common that is they are all owned and published by Tencent which is a giant Chinese games publisher. Tencent now published and oversaw the development of almost all the major games.

Apex Legends Mobile
Courtesy of Respawn entertainment

Tencent and other Chinese publishers have a global reach as well as their own backyard China which has probably the biggest mobile users in the world. To reach the biggest audience in the world it is necessary to make a deal with big Chinese publishers at the moment.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad claims that he has confirmation of such a deal. Since both EA and Respawn have confirmed the aforementioned deal, it is not hard to assume that the project is in full throttle right now.

Release date is still not confirmed

The game seems to be given a full go-ahead by every concerned party. The release date is still not confirmed by EA or Respawn. Many are claiming that Respawn may soon announce something about the mobile port really soon.

While many are concerned about the mobile port some are claiming that Nintendo Switch might get a port of its own soon. Most of these claims come from a comment made by Drew McCoy the project lead of Apex Legends who assured Switch owners to stay tuned.

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