Apex Legends Mobile Open Beta to go live this month

Apex Legends is set to have a mobile version released. There was a rumor since last year that Apex would have a mobile version but staying true to Apex’s true colors. Since then the Apex community was hyped up to be able to get the game on mobile release. Earlier today, Respawn confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile would go live this month.

The game is scheduled to go live later this month and has separate regions. They will be Beta test regions. With the release of Apex Legends two years ago as a smashing success, they aim to expand the player base with its mobile release. With the advent of smartphones and how much better they’re getting every year, more people have access to a mobile gaming device compared to a gaming pc. This will result in the game getting a huge player base and competitive events to come.

Apex Legends Mobile promises to be the “most advanced battle royale combat available on a phone” It boasts smooth gameplay and optimized controls for the mobile platform. The game will initially be released in two regions – India and the Philippines. Also, for PC and console players, there will be huge updates in store too so that no one gets left out.

With Apex Legends being one of the biggest Battle royale games on PC, it sets its sights in the mobile platform aiming to conquer it as well.

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