Apex Legends mobile is getting highly requested features before PC & consoles versions

The mobile version of the popular battle royale FPS game Apex Legends is already receiving some much-requested QoL updates in the firing range.

Respawn Entertainment, the developers of the Titanfall franchise of video games gave their own spin on the battle royale genre with Apex Legends. Following the massive success of this spin-off game, there were rumors floating around the interweb that they were also planning on releasing a mobile version of this game.

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But, the mobile port was supposed to be developed by a completely new studio. Turns out, these rumors were true, and Respawn finally kicked off the mobile beta version only in few select regions before the global launch.

As the beta keys started to find their way into players’ hands, some keen-eyed mobile players discovered that the mobile port had features built-in from day one that the PC and console version of the player base has been asking for a long time now. Meaning the mobile version of Apex Legends is actually getting new features before the original version of the game.

Infinite ammo in the firing range

One such feature was a toggle to turn infinitely ammo on or off in the Apex Legends’ firing range. In the PC & console port of the game, players have to manually collect ammo from the ground. As such, players have been asking Respawn to add a toggle to turn on infinite ammo in the game.

image credit: u/xLUSHxx

On top of that, the mobile port’s firing range even has the option to turn on bot strafing with different levels of difficulty.

The devs definitely heard players’ cries and released this sought-after feature in the mobile port first. There is now a high probability that the PC and consoles might also receive this QoL change in a future update.

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More regions were added recently to the Apex Legends mobile beta testing list. This suggests Respawn might also launch the mobile port globally in the near future. We’ll wait and see how the mobile port introduces a new player base to the amusing gameplay loop of Apex.

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