Apex Legends leak reveals “Fanatic” energy pistol

A new Apex Legends leak from a pretty reliable source has revealed a new energy-based pistol called Fanatic.

Apex Legends is undoubtedly the best battle royale first-person shooter game that is out there in the market right now. Despite intense competition from major competitors, Respawn has managed to keep its massive fanbase engaged throughout the years with its constant barrage of updates.

These updates usually introduce new legends, weapons, skins, game modes, maps, etc., to maintain healthy player retention. Unsurprisingly, this steady stream of content updates has been great at making new players interested in the franchise.

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And it seems like this trend of adding new weapons to the game will be constant in the near future as a new leak from a playtester has revealed that Respawn is currently working on an energy pistol called Fanatic.

Fanatic Energy Based Pistol

As the name suggests, it seems like this pistol might be compatible with energy-based ammo. Based on the leaked clip, it showcases similar characteristics as Triple Take since it also appears to have an alternative firing mode where players might be able to charge their weapons to deal extra damage.

The leak reveals that Respawn is currently using RE45 as a placeholder for this energy-based pistol as they don’t have a finished design as of writing. While it is too early to tell how this weapon would fit into the current weapon pool, it is still refreshing to see Respawn working on a new pistol.

However, don’t get your hopes high for this weapon to hit the live game anytime soon, as Respawn usually takes a while to introduce new weapons to the game since they can have a massive impact on the game’s current meta.

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Also, as this is a leak, take it with a grain of salt as Respawn can vastly change how this weapon will behave with the final release.

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