Apex Legends helped an addict in recovering from heroin and meth

Apex helps player from recovering from drugs

Apex legends is a great team-based hero inspired battle royale FPS game. This game is known for its great movement and awesome gameplay but it is also can be a great tool for addicts who are trying to recover from their addiction.

A Reddit user by the name of NotThatShyGuy claimed that he used to suffer from heroin and meth addiction. And Apex Legend has helped him in recovering from his addiction and kept him from the streets. He also talked about how this game has made him more relaxed after a day of hard work.

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I am recovering addict going on two years clean from heroin and meth and this game has helped keep me off the streets and given me optimism in life. I enjoy this game so much and just thought I would give y’all props. It’s a wonderful stress relief after a long day at work and I am so thankful to have this game.


He made a thank you post to Respawn for making such an amusing game that kept him entertained while he was recovering. Drug addiction is a serious issue and most people need a distraction when they are suffering from withdrawal. Most people see video games as only a form of entertainment. But this interactive media can be a great remedy for people who are really suffering from withdrawal.

Respawn replied

Respawn replied
Respawn dev replied

After seeing how their game made such a positive impact in some one’s life Respawn replied to him. And they congratulated him on his sobriety and told him that they are all rooting for him.

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This is such a great example of how impactful a video game can be in helping someone in their life. Especially when they are having a hard time. This medium can be much more than just a violence-inducing agent that the media claims it to be.

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