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Apex Legends Halloween “Shadow Royale LTM” now enables players to wall run

Players will finally be able to wall-run in Apex legends

Image Credit: Respawn

Apex Legends players have been asking Respawn to add the old wall running mechanic that was first introduced in the Titanfall series.

Seems like Respawn finally heard all those community feedback as they are finally bringing back the wall run feature in the game as an LTM. Shadow Royale game mode was first introduced last year.

Basically, it pitted normal players against infected zombies. Suffices to say that this game mode was well-received among the Apex Legends player base. Most agreed it added some element of spooky goodness in this FPS battle royale game. Fortunately, Respawn will be bringing back the Shadow Royale again this year. It will be available from October 22 – November 3.

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New and Returning Halloween Cosmetics

The return of Fight or Fright introduces all-new reimaginings of last year’s skins like the Sweet Dreams Caustic and Wicked Harvest Bloodhound, as well as new skins for Loba and Revenant.

In addition, all 24 of last years’ Fight or Fright items will be available through shop bundles or shop offers. The shop rotates weekly, so be sure to check back often for all the best deals.

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Image via Respawn
Image via Respawn

Haunting Prize Track

This year, Fight or Fright contains a prize track with all-new exclusive rewards. Check out everything you can earn below:

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New Limited-Time Mode: Shadow Royale

Just in time for Halloween, we’re returning to the spooky, alternate dimension where Revenant runs the Apex Games. Shadow Royale starts like any other trios match, but when you die you will be raised from the dead in a powerful “Shadow Form” to exact vengeance on your killers and help carry your squad to victory. Armed with a brutal melee attack, enhanced mobility and blistering speed, you will terrorize other squads and protect your own with infinite Shadow lives until your living teammates are eliminated or you emerge victorious as the last living squad.

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Fans of previous Respawn games should keep their eyes peeled for certain…mobility enhancements…when playing as a Shadow Legend. And don’t be surprised if your squad ends up with an additional, honorary squad member at some point in the match – Revenant is running a shelter for abandoned hell-beasts, and you might just end up adopting one to help you win the match.

This time around Respawn decided to push things to another level. Last year the infected zombies were spooky but at the end of the LTM players would band together and easily clear out the objective. However, this time Respawn decided to give the infected players the ability to wall run. At the same time, they also gave infected players more HP. As a result, this year’s Shadow Royale LTM might be more entertaining than the last one.