Apex Legends’ Future Is In Question As EA Looks To Sell Or Merge

EA has been looking for a sale or merger with big names in the industry for the past few years. But, how it will affect Apex Legends is still in debate.

Electronic Arts or EA is the global leader in digital interactive entertainment. EA has entertained about 600 million players around the globe with its innovative games, cutting-edge services, and powerful technologies.

The media and tech companies have taken a great interest in the ever-booming gaming industry like never before. As a result, the video gaming industry is rapidly consolidating with the technology and media industry.

Two of the most significant acquisition occurred in early 2022. Microsoft acquired Activision for $68.7 billion, and Take-Two Interactive acquired Zynga for $12.7 billion. Like many other giants in the gaming industry, EA is also actively looking for a sale or merger.

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Apex Legends’ Future

EA completed the acquisition of Respawn, the popular developer of the Titanfall franchise, in 2017. Not long after the purchase of Respawn, EA launched Apex Legends, which baffled everyone in the battle royale market. According to EA’s Q4 report of 2022, Apex Legends has earned a profit of over $2 billion since its launch.

Apex Season 13
Credit: EA

EA has spent $5 billion buying and acquiring studios over the last year. However, things are not as smooth as it seems from the outside. Many employees have been leaving Respawn Entertainment, who had been working in the studio for a long time.

On top of that, over a hundred job openings are available in Respawn Entertainment, which might imply that there is something fishy going on behind the scene that may have caused that many vacancies in the company. The amount of content Apex Legends has released in the recent past has also been very underwhelming compared to prior content of the game.

With Prestige Skins being released and Thematic Events’ Skins being changed, it seems like EA is now more focused on their monetization system than delivering better content to their loyal player base.

The sale or merge of EA will definitely have a greater impact on Apex Legends’ future. EA has already talked to some potential buyers or mergers, such as Disney and NBC Universal, in recent years. Depending on who EA consolidates with, the future of Apex Legends will be determined. Whether it will be for better or for worse is still uncertain.

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