Apex Legends fans made a last-minute plea to Respawn to fix the servers before its too late

Respawn has been having some difficulties while serving its demanding audience as players are often encountering server-related issues in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends was launched back in 2019 without any prior marketing. Basically, it is a battle royale spin-off of Respawn’s Titanfall franchise of video games. After its official release, it quickly cemented itself as the biggest battle royale game in the market capturing 50 million players within the first month.

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As the player base grew, more server-related issues also became more prevalent. Following most event-related updates, players are getting blasted with server-related problems. Unfortunately, it has become a common occurrence after each new major content drop.

However, things were turned up a notch with the recent Evolution Collection event where one-third of the players were facing random crashes and packet losses. As such, some players in the Apex community showcased their dissatisfaction with the servers in the official Apex Legends Reddit discussion thread.

Save Apex Legends!

Unsurprisingly, this last-minute plea from the community to the developers got a lot of traction. Since most players feel Respawn and EA need to up their game in the server department. This paired with the audio issues in Apex has received a lot of backlash from the player base and they are letting Respawn know about their pain points.

Right now, players are asking Respawn to put more effort into creating a better experience for players. In response to recent server crashes during the Evolution collection event, they increased the server capacity, and now players are begging Respawn to add even better servers.

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The devs at Respawn have already made several responses regarding the server-related issues. As this is a massive live service game, it takes a herculean effort the keep Apex running accross all the different devices all around the world. Hopefully, Respawn can make the experience better for players.

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