Apex Legends fans are rallying behind a fanmade LTM idea called “PACK WARS”

This LTM idea seems really fun

Over the year Apex legends had some memorable limited-time modes(LTM). While some of them were received well, most of them were really forgettable at best.

It all started when Apex fan 1UpLegend shared a basic idea of what a unique limited-time mode would feel like. This mode would start with you being a solo player, and as you work your way up, you will eventually get teammates. The very idea of recruiting your teammates on the fly was really intriguing, to say the least.

Apex legends Pack Wars
Credit: 1UpLegend

Ever since trick or treat LTM back in 2019, Respawn followed up with some mediocre limited-time modes that were all really not that impressive. The biggest offender was Bloodhounds The old ways event where players were kind of forced to play night mode for a certain period of time.

Fans really loved the idea

After realizing how much fun this fan-made concept could be to experience as an LTM, some fans were really interested to see this through. Fans intrigue was mostly due to the fact that this mode was really thought out. Now it got to a point where fans really want Respawn to implement it in some way or another in the upcoming season of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends as a live service title is in a quite stale shape right now. With season 5 being delayed a week or two, fans now have to make do with the “Battle Armor” event that is available right now.

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