Apex Legends Fan-Made Concept for Mozambique Looks Ridiculous

Dual Wielding a freakin Mozambique

Apex fan created a unique concept for the most underpowered weapon in Apex legends. Yes, it is none other than the Mozambique.

Since the release of Apex last year, one weapon got way too much hate. It was so underpowered that people preferred to use their fist instead of using it. Even the developers at Respawn acknowledged the fact that this was a meme weapon cause it was intentionally nerfed to create weapon disparity.

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Although the devs decided to give the weapon a kind of use as they added the hammer point attachment back in season 2. The attachment is still available in the game in season 4. Since the p2020 also exists, Mozambique doesn’t get that much love at all.

Dual Wielding Mozambique in Apex Legends

This Reddit user ox-y came up with a concept for dual-wielding the weapon for maximum damage potential.

Mozambique concept
Mozambique concept

His idea centered around the fact that since Mozambique is such an underpowered weapon why not give players the ability to dual wield the weapon. Someone in the Reddit thread even suggested the idea of making one use disrupters and the other use hammer points.

Just imagine the carnage that it will ensue if Respawn ever implements the concept someday.

With this attachment, this weapon would go from a joke to being a serious contender for the meta. Yes, you read that correctly. Having said that, this idea of dual-wielding any weapon might become too overpowered. Will the devs in Respawn implement something like this in the future? Only time will tell.

Devs might include this in some type of limited-time event mode like they did with the all Gold weapon mode in the previous Arcade game modes. The only way a concept like this might see the light of day is if they decide to throw a limited-time event only for the Mozambique.

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