Apex Legends fan made a concept for telling squadmate to not reveal their position

Hope Respawn implement it soon in the game

Apex Legends is a team-based battle royale that focuses really heavily on team play as most of the abilities work best when players communicate well with each other.

Sometimes though whenever you are playing with a random teammate they will shoot the enemy as soon as they spot one revealing your whole squad location before you could get into a better position. As great as the pining system in Apex is, it still isn’t perfect.

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Squadmates would sometime make easy team wipe into a long-lasting firefight that would often attract the attention of other wannabe third parties. This becomes a really annoying issue if it is a ranked match as you are most definitely gonna lose some points due to prematurely revealing your location to the opposition.

Apex Legends fan starhunter117 made a concept that would definitely help tremendously while playing with random teammates who don’t want to use their in-game mic to communicate. Maybe adding an extra “Wait for me“, “Avoid them“, etc would just make the already good pinging system great.

There are few games out there that are as refined as Apex especially when it comes to their ping system. This ping system was so good when it came out that most of the competition, as well as FPS games in a completely different genre, decided to implement them in form or another.

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Hope Respawn is watching and planing to add them in a later patch. This would definitely improve the ranked match experiences as well as normal public matches.

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