Apex Legends fan fantasizes about the old Kings Canyon before the battle pass was a thing

Pre-season one Apex was the best BR experience of all time

Apex Legends launched back in 2019 with no prior marketing and took the world by storm with its polish gameplay and unique set of characters.

Now in 2020, the landscape is quite different than before. Everywhere you look you can see the formation of a meta. Most of the overpowered and fun guns are no longer as good as they were back in the day. You won’t see as much diversity in Legend usage as you would have during those early days.

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This is part of every game’s life cycle. Whenever any new game comes to market players are more willing to experiment with all the available characters and weapons to figure out the meta. But once you figure out the most effective tactics available the game becomes more predictable.

Reddit user corona3700 talked about those days when Apex Legends was at its peak. There was no stopping it from total domination. Within only one month, there were 50 million players. All your favorite streamers were streaming this game 24/7. It was truly a magnificent sight to behold.

No battle pass, Kings Canyon, Factory Issued skins all over, choosing between unlocking Mirage or Caustic, and these overpowered weapons. Those were the days!


Remember how broken the wingman was?

New players who never faced the fury of the old wingman would never understand what kind of monstrosity the old wingman was. Yes, there were 12 shots if you could find a purple mag. And Scull piercer was just stupidly overpowered. Players with good aim destroyed other players with its insane firing rate.

Now in season 4, the wingman received a handful of nerfs. While it is more balanced now than ever before, pre-battle pass wingman was so much fun to use. In order to make the game more balanced devs actively nerfed or buffed some components that made Apex so much fun.

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All good things do come to an end. Even after all that Apex is still one of the better battle royale games out there right now. No wonder it still has a passionate player base who won’t stop raving about the good old days.

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