Apex Legends dev suggests Prowler, L-Star & Seer Nerf might be coming soon

It only has been a day since Respawn launched the highly anticipated season 10 of Apex Legends featuring a new Legend Seer and some massive meta-changing updates.

As with each new seasonal update, Respawn loves to throw in some curveballs. In season 10, Respawn introduced a new character called Seer, a new LMG called Rampage and brought Prowler back to the ground loot pool with burst fire mode only.

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Apparently, players are already complaining about how powerful Seer feels upon release. Respawn had a history of releasing new characters in a weak state only to buff them after a couple of seasons.

However, that trend ended with Horizon back in season 7. Following season 7, each new legend that was released turned out to be a permanent part of the character meta in the game. And seems like that trend will continue with Seer as his tactical, ultimate, and passive seems really effective so far.

Furthermore, two new weapons stood out following the season 10 launch. Turns out, the reworked L-Star and ground Prowler with burst fire mode is really frustrating to deal with. According to Pro players like TSM Albralelie, Rampage is also really strong right out of the gate.

Season 10 Nerf may be in the works:

Respawn already hinted that they are prepared to make quick balancing changes to keep the game competitively sound. And if the recent comment made by John Larson, the live game balance designer of Apex Legends is anything to go by then expect a hotfix to nerf down Seer, L-Star, and burst fire Prowler.

The general consensus among the Apex Legends player base is that some things need to change. It isn’t that uncommon as back in season 9 the Bocek Bow turned out to be busted upon release. Respawn moved quickly to fix that and they might do the same with Seer and Rampage. Although nothing is confirmed, as of writing.

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