Apex Legends dev confirms more Rampart buffs for mid-season 10

The Outlands’ most creative weapons modder Rampart is confirmed to get some much-needed powerup in Apex Legends’ mid-season 10 updates.

While Rampart has some dedicated fans that won’t leave her, most still agree that Rampart’s tower defense type gameplay isn’t for everyone. Even legends that are similar to her in terms of playstyle like Wattson and Caustic are more popular among the Apex Legends player base.

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For example, Rampart’s tactical wall provides cover but takes a while to set up properly and it restricts the free movement of teammates. Consequently, squadmates tend to not play around her defensive utilities as much as Wattson.

At its very core, Apex Legends is a fast-paced game where any legend that has additional movement-focused abilities gets priority over legends that rely more on defensive utilities. Suffice to say, Rampart players believe she needs some sort of rework, buffs, or tweaks to be more viable in this current meta.

Rampart buff confirmed for season 10

Seems like the status quo is about to change as Respawn’s game designer confirmed that Rampart has some buffs in the works, but they won’t arrive until the mid-seasonal update in season 10 of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Rampart buff
screen grab via r/apexlegends

While the dev didn’t go into further details explaining what these planned updates are, the mere mention of Rampart getting a positive tweak is enough for diehard fans. According to many, Rampart is undeniably the most underrated character in the game.

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She may not be an ideal choice for every scenario the game throws at players, however, in those perfect cases where she mows down an entire squad trying to enter the zone can be extremely rewarding.

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