Apex Legends cross-progression is slated for 2022 release

We finally have more information regarding when cross-progression for Apex Legends might be available.

Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind the popular Titanfall franchise of video games decided to join the battle royale craze with Apex Legends which is basically a spin-off based in the same universe as the Titanfall games.

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While this battle royale shooter launched on all the different platforms such as PC, Xbox, and PlayStation simultaneously, cross-play wasn’t enabled after the release window. But later down the line, Respawn gave players the ability to play with their friends on different platforms with the help of cross-play.

However, they didn’t include cross-progression alongside cross-play. As such, players were unable to transfer their progression from one platform to the other if they wanted to. Consequently, some players were stuck with their accounts on a certain platform.

Cross-progression in Apex Legends

According to Respawn, due to technical difficulties, they were unable to turn on cross-progression in Apex Legends. Although they did mention that it was a high priority for them and it is indeed in the works at Respawn.

Shrugtal, who is a very reliable Apex Legends data miner recently revealed that cross-progression for Apex is currently slated for 2022. Meaning players who are stuck with their heirlooms on a certain platform will be able to switch to a new platform if they choose to.

Even Respawn official has stated in the past that they are working on a 2022 release. Apex Legends players have been practically begging Respawn for cross-progression ever since they added cross-play back in 2020.

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But recent cyber attack targeted towards Apex and Titanfall has hindered the progress of cross-progression, according to Respawn. Still, it seems like we may finally have cross-progression within next year.

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