Apex Legends: Ash’s ultimate ability has been leaked

A recent leak by a pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner has revealed Ash’s Ultimate ability.

Ash is one of the potential candidates to be a future legend in the upcoming seasons of Apex Legends. Since we already know Respawn has already locked in legends up to season 12, Ash could be one of them. Meaning devs at Respawn already have a pretty clear idea of who they will introduce as new characters in the future.

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At this point, Apex fans are well aware of this character as she was introduced in the broken ghost quest back last year. Towards the very end of the quest, Respawn finally gave us a clear look at Ash.

Since then speculations about her joining the Apex games have skyrocketed. And if this recent video leak from a pretty reliable data miner is anything to go by then Ash could be coming very soon.

Ash’s Ultimate Ability

From the clip, we can see her ultimate ability aptly called “Phase Breach” which might be really similar to Wraith’s ultimate ability, meaning it might let players perform some sort of teleportation.

However, It is not clear exactly how this ability will work since the clip doesn’t make any further clarification. On top of that, Respawn might be using the existing animation of Wraith’s portal as a placeholder to play-test the ability.

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As this clip could be leaked from a playtesting session, expect massive changes to the finished product. Also, these are all leaks, take them with a grain of salt since things could still see a drastic change before release.

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