Apex Legends’ 14 v 14 squads game mode from playtests looks chaotic fun

A new leak suggests Respawn might be working on a massive 14 v 14 squads game mode for Apex Legends.

While Apex Legends was launched back in 2019 as a battle royale spin-off of the Titanfall games, it is slowly branching itself out by introducing more unique game modes. For example, the recently added Arenas game mode was a massive departure from the basic battle royale formula since players could just buy weapons from shops before a match starts similar to tactical shooters.

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Also, the game director of Apex Legends already stated that they are planning to expand the game beyond battle royales by adding new spins on the already established gameplay mechanics of Apex.

Arenas was the first experiment from Respawn where they added a separate permanent game mode alongside the main battle royale mode. On top of that, they even added a ranked variant to keep competitive players more engaged.

14 v 14 squads game mode

And thanks to a leak, we now know they are also testing a massive 14 versus 14 squad game mode where a total of 28 players would jump into a map divided into two teams consisting of 14 players in each team.

Unsurprisingly, the objective is to eliminate the other 14 players that are on the opposite team. And surprising absolutely no one, this game mode is simply chaotic fun. The sere amount of chaos that this game mode exudes is nothing to scoff at as so many abilities and gunfire take place at the same time.

If you are in the mood for some chaotic battlefield-inspired fun, then this game mode could be the one. Although this leak is basically from a playtesting session. As a result, there is no guarantee if it will ever make it to the live game.

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However, we can still hope that this may come to the game in the form of a limited-time game mode in a future event as the leaked gameplay clips look really fun.

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