Apex leakers revealed Loba’s skin in the upcoming Fortune’s Favor pack and more

Fortune's Favor Pack skins have been leaked

To say that Loba is on her way to becoming one of the most popular Characters in Apex Legends would be an understatement.

With the launch of Apex Legends new season 5, we were all introduced to Loba. This cunning thief gave Apex games a certain finesse that was certainly missing before. Needless to say, the Apex community has received her with open arms. Notable Apex leaker on twitter has teased a new upcoming skin for Loba that will certainly pique the interest of all Loba mains.

When will this be available?

Keep in mind, this Fortune’s Favor Pack event could be still in active development. Therefore you may not be able to get that skin as soon as you would like. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this participial skin looks pretty unique. Pack Hunter Loba Skin appears to feature her glowing eyes as well as some kind of glow in the dark properties on her clothes.

Rumor has it that all these skins are connected to the daily events. Like all the other event skins they should be available to purchase at event shop with 600 coins. Although take all this news with a pinch of salt as Respawn usually plans way ahead and we might not see them any time soon.

The upcoming Fortune’s Favor event may also include skins for Legends like Mirage who saw a huge resurgence in the current season. Respawn certainly didn’t disappoint Mirage fans. This holographic trickster is having a field day at Apex games right now. However, Pathfinder mains aren’t as thrilled with the outcome of season 5.

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