Apex fan told senior animator at Respawn to pass his game-fixing ideas to “real developers”

This fan is just straight up ignorant

An Apex Legends fan just straight up asked Moy Parra, Senior Animator, at Respawn Entertainment to pass his game-fixing ideas to “real developers“.

Fans can be outright disrespectful sometimes. This fan was so ignorant that he or she had no idea what crucial role an animator plays in making a game feel more alive and functional. Animations play a critical role in modern triple-A game development.

Even after the fan being so disrespectful, Moy Parra played it off as a joke. In response to this, he also joked that “That’s it. Next game mode: all animation is removed from the game.. Matches will be short“.

Fans can be really ignorant sometimes this one thought that animators aren’t real developers. Every sector in a game development studio plays a crucial role in making the games that we like into a playable one.

From animators, character riggers, coders, level designers, voice actors, server managers, etc all do a lot of work behind the scene that we don’t always appreciate. They also deserve the same amount of love. Game development can be truly tiresome at times. especially when it comes to live service titles.

Live service games such as Apex Legends, keeps all the developers of Respawn at a breakneck pace at all times. This is par for the course for a live service title. If they don’t improve upon their game with each update, players get mad at them. There are so many moving pieces in modern video game development that it can be really stress-inducing for devs at every stage of production. We should all appreciate the work that goes behind our favorite games by thanking those involved in the development.


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