Apex Fan-Made Concept for weaker Characters are Worth Considering

Some of these ideas are pretty good

To say some of the characters in Apex Legends are in a dire need of a buff would be an understatement. So, Apex fans made this conceptual buff for these weaker Legends.

Reddit user BattleLegendBlue came up with some conceptual ideas on how to buff some of the most underpowered and underutilized Legends in the game. This includes some really interesting powerups for some of these Legends that might actually be really useful.

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Proposed Character buffs

Apex Legend buffs
Legend buffs

Some of these could be really useful for example Bloodhounds tactical is really loud and can be heard from, like a mile away which creates some unwanted attention. Making the Legend a bit quieter may be what it needs to be a bit more approachable.

On the other hand, giving Caustic mains a buff as teammates won’t be affected by friendly gas might be a bit overwhelming. Setting that aside, the different colors for nox gas to determine friendly gas from foes would be a really big quality of life improvement.

While many fans complain about the recent addition to the game in terms of new Legend has been underwhelming. Fans should be complaining about the new Legend being overpowered and asking for a buff, not the other way around.

In this case, Respawn seems to be a tad bit too focused on making the characters not too overpowered. In the process, they are giving too many nerfs to newly released Legends and their popularity is seeing a huge decline since the start of the new season.

Currently, Respawn has made some commitments towards these and assured fans that they will make more changes to the Legends in the upcoming months. How these changes might shape up the Legend meta will be interesting to see.

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