Antoine Griezmann created his own Esports org called Grizi Esports

Antoine Griezmann who plays for famous Spanish football club FC Barcelona just announced that he is opening his own Esports ORG called Grizi Esports. As of now, Grizi Esports is actively searching for Pro teams to acquire them.

Esports is the new rising platform for investors. Many notable personal has already invested in many Esports team. Antoine Griezmann becomes one of the few people who are starting their own ORG from the ground up instead of investing in other already established ORG. Grizi Esports is now hiring for their ORG. And they are open to getting any CV from any experienced Esports team.

Grizi Esports on Twitter

This French Esport team is currently looking for a CS: GO roster, along with teams for other esports titles such as Rainbox Six Siege, League of Legends, Fortnite, and FIFA. If you are experienced in this field. And actively looking for a new Esports ORG then you might wanna send your CV.

Looks like Grizi Esports is likely gonna start with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After that, they are gonna build another roster like Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends and of course FIFA.

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With these new upcoming Esports league coming out every now and often, how things are going to shape a couple of years from now is really interesting to see. If there are these many ORGs how that is gonna affect the Esports scene will be really interesting t see.


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