Another game-breaking glitch is allowing VALORANT players to setup Cypher Spycam virtually anywhere

While VALORANT is already facing critical issues with Sova’s Owl Drone, VALORANT enthusiasts have spotted a game-breaking Spycam glitch.

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In VALORANT, sentinel agent Cypher plays a huge part in establishing defensive points regardless of the map. Cypher is the default sentinel agent for many professional VALORANT teams since Act One. One of Cypher’s signature ability is the Spycam, a piece of recon equipment used to overwatch enemy movement.

VALORANT is witnessing a lot of ability centric bugs in recent times. With no exception, the Cypher Spycam placement appears to be faulty. First spotted by a Reddit user u/boOkel, the Spycam is somehow managing to stick itself practically anywhere. Unlike Sova’s Owl Drone bug, triggering this glitch requires a buddy boost.

As pointed in the video, one player is throwing his weapon mid-air to assist the Cypher to find a placement availability sign. After a few tries, it seems to work fine. Spycams are already tough to identify in high-ranked matches; a glitch like this could undoubtedly overpower the sentinel agent of Moroccan origin.

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Ability related bugs are not new to VALORANT. Every major VALORANT update came with a set of bugs that originated from signature abilities. A swift fix for this glitch is bound to arrive shortly. However, RIOT’s recent inability to reduce ability associated bugs is disappointing.

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