Annihilation is the first Competitive Multiplayer game made in Bangladesh

The first competitive FPS made in Bangladesh

Annihilation is the first competitive Multiplayer FPS game that is made in Bangladesh. Annihilation is developed by Crisis Entertainment and this will be their first game of an upcoming game universe.

We reached out to the Co-founder of Crisis Entertainment, Siam Hasan Udoy. And he informed us that this game will be the first of many games to come from the developers’ Crisis Entertainment.


According to Siam Hasan Udoy, Annihilation will be a competitive 5v5 FPS game. The game location will be based on Dhaka City, some fictional village and some fictional underground scene. The plot of the game will be SciFi-Post Apocalyptic in nature.

Devs also confirmed to us that Annihilation will not have a Single Player game mode. But this game will contain a deep back story. With so many competitive shooters out right now how this game will stand out from the crowd will be a tough challenge.

Only some screenshot is available for now. From the screenshot, we can expect a decent looking game.

Game Release

The developers confirmed that Summer 2020 is the official release date for this title. We will also get a trailer of the game in January/February 2020.

This game will release exclusively in Crisis official store. Since they have more spin-off titles on the way, they decided to launch the game in their own store rather than in a more popular store like Epic or Steam.


When asked about the inspiration behind the back story of this game. The devs had this to say.

 I used plots from popular comic book stories like Brainiac, Darkseid etc

Siam Hasan Udoy

Bangladesh has a large pool of talents when it comes to making games. Games like Agontuk and Annihilation are just the beginning of the thriving game industry in Bangladesh. Making a good video game requires a lot of risk and effort from the developers. Most of the time it is not financially viable for the developers to invest a lot of money in making experimental indie games. If games like Agontuk and Annihilation can deliver a decent experience it might pave the way for other game devs to do the same. Hopefully, this can create a snowball effect that will take Bangladesh’s game industry forward.

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