Andrew Tate Threatens to Sue Accuser for $300 Million

Nawshad Noor
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Andrew Tate apparently threatened to sue one of his accusers for close to $300 million for defamation.

Emory Andrew Tate III, more commonly known online as Andrew Tate or Top-G, is a British American internet personality, former professional kickboxer, and businessman. After his boxing career, Andrew started providing paid courses and memberships through his website and later rose to internet fame. many people online dubbed his comments misogynistic, and he got suspended from social media platforms because of it.

Since the last month or so, Andrew Tate has been detained in the Romanian prison for accusations of human trafficking. The detain period was extended multiple times as it was initially 24 hours. Following Andrew Tate’s arrest, his fans, and followers in Greece, came out onto the streets and held a protest. Andrew Tate himself also will reportedly donate more than 100 million to a charity that will help men who are wrongly accused.

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And now Andrew Tate has reportedly threatened to sue one of his accusers for close to $300 million.

Andrew Tate Suing for Defamation:

The report comes from BBC. In one of their reports, they mentioned that back in December, a “cease-and-desist” on behalf of Andrew Tate and his brother was sent to one of his accusers. The letter apparently threatened to sue the woman and her parents for $300 million if she did not retract her statements against Andrew.

According to the report, One of Andrew Tate’s lawyers also said that they were pursuing valid claims for defamation.

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