An energy-based pistol alongside a light-based LMG has been revealed in a recent Apex Legends leak

Seems like the weapon loot pool of Apex Legends will be more congested than ever since a new leak has revealed Respawn has been working on two new types of weapons.

Ever since Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legends which is basically a spin-off of their popular Titanfall franchise of video games, they have slowly rolled out new weapons alongside almost every new seasonal update.

As this battle royale shooter is based in the Titanfall universe, weapons from that world made it into the hands of Apex Legends players with subtle balancing updates to make it work in a battle royale setting.

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Apex Legends Weapons
Image via Respawn

Also, Respawn has to keep weapon loot distribution into consideration while introducing new weapons into the game as in the current state of the game there are already a handful of unique weapon archetypes that covers almost everything from bows to laser sniper rifles.

Leaked weapons

In a recent leak from a prominent Apex Legends leaker, it was revealed that Respawn might be working on two completely different styles of weapons for the upcoming seasons. According to the leaker, this leak was from a playtesting session held by Respawn.


The leak has revealed an energy-based pistol called Nemesis which is currently using R-301 as a placeholder in the leaked footage. It seems to be running on energy-based ammunition and doesn’t take standard stock.

Image via Thordan Smash

M429 Maelstrom

The leak has also revealed another LMG called ” M429 Maelstrom” that might be added to the game further down the line. And it is apparently a light ammo-based LMG with a recoil pattern that is really hard to control. According to the leak, this weapon will increase the ammo capacity by 5 bullets when you knock an opponent.

Image via Thordan Smash

Thordan Smash, a popular Apex Legends Youtuber and leaker first revealed this info. However, as these are all still leaks from playtesting sessions take them with a grain of salt since many of these experimental weapons might not arrive in the actual games.

The topic starts at around 0:30 sec mark

Although this leaker has a pretty solid track record of leaking stuff really early into the development process. So, there is a high chance of these weapons making it to the live game.

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