Among Us shaped McNugget from McDonald’s BTS meal has been sold for $100k

The eBay listing of the Among Us shaped McNugget has officially ended on June 4, 2021.

Both Among Us and McDonald’s BTS meal has been the viral topic of 2021. That’s why the internet was quick to blow up when someone posted a picture of a McNugget from McDonald’s BTS meal that resembled an Among Us character.

The rare combination of the two made it a viral sensation, and an eBay listing of the McNugget appeared shortly after. Since its listing, the bidding kept going up until it was finally sold for  $99,997.00 today, which is a little shy of a hundred thousand dollars.

Among Us, which is a simple yet fun game to play with friends has been around since 2018. However, it only attracted popularity during the beginning of the global pandemic in 2019. Since then, it garnered a player base of over 300 million people.

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Among Us responds

The official Twitter handle of Among Us had responded to this viral McNugget on June 2, while the bidding price was still within $32,000. In retrospect, no one could even imagine that someone was willing to pay so much money for a nugget that generally costs 44 cents a piece.

On the listing, the seller had mentioned that the food has an expiration date of 14 days. However, the credibility of that information is unknown. They also mentioned that the Among Us shaped McNugget would be delivered prior to expiration. Moreover, the seller also assured that they would freeze and air-seal the nugget to maintain freshness.

With over eight hundred potential buyers eyeing the listing, the winner snatched the nugget for the steep price of one thousand dollars. The nugget was shipped from Utah, United States of America.

As a response to the sheer ridiculousness of the listing and the bidding price, Xbox commented that the nugget better come with Szechuan Sauce. But we doubt that even the sauce would justify its price.

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