Among Us like multiplayer, Project Winter coming to Xbox and Windows

Inspired by the hit indie Among Us, Project Winter will follow similar gameplay to find a killer, coming to Xbox and PC.

A substitute or alternative to cult classic Among Us, Project Winter also puts a group in an icy tundra to find an imposter among them. Although the core idea and gameplay is similar, Project Winter varies in terms of features and some gameplay mechanics. Such as crafting and gathering. In fact, the game can be considered a mix of survival and asymmetrical multiplayer.

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Moreover, the game has one big differentiating factor from Among Us which is the proximity voice chat. Hence, giving the game a spookier feel.

Project Winter already available on Steam, will head to Xbox and Windows Store on January 26th. Furthermore, the game will add to Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Among Us is released on the Switch some days ago and will come to Xbox as well in the future. But the game will always be more preferred on mobile devices, especially due to phones having easier access to audio chat. Since the game lacks this feature.

Whereas, Project Winter’s proximity voice chat and more in-depth gameplay will surely win the hearts of many Xbox and PC gamers. Casual gamers will always prefer the popular and established Among Us for its simple, easy to learn approach.

Nevertheless, Project Winter’s gameplay and visuals look great and we hope this game will fill the space of an Among Us like game or something newer for PC and Xbox owners.

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