American Tornado are the champions of Overwatch Contenders Season 1: North America

Today American Tornado takes on DarkMode NA in the Overwatch Contenders Season 1: North America Grand Finals.

Overwatch Contenders is a major level tournament series for Pro Players paving the way to the highest tier event, the Overwatch League. There are 5 contenders regions: North America, Europe, China, Australia, and Korea. The combined prize pool from all regions for the year is $1,300,000 USD. Today is the North American regional finals.

American Tornado is a well-known team throughout contenders. They were the champions in Overwatch Contenders 2020: The Gauntlet North America and Contenders 2020 NA Season 2 November & September.

DarkMode NA is an underdog team with its only significant results being runner-ups in the Overwatch Contenders 2020: The Gauntlet North America – Open Qualifier. But this year, they have improved radically and will now take on the ex-champions in the Grand final.

Mapwise scores

Lijang tower
American Tornado 2-0 DarkMode NA
King’s Row
American Tornado 3-1 DarkMode NA
American Tornado 2-1 DarkMode NA
Volskaya Industries
American Tornado 2-0 DarkMode NA

The first map was Lijang Tower. It is a control point map where American Tornado was up ahead by a point. In the second area of the map, DarkMode NA got up to 74% but American Tornado retook the point and took the map. In King’s Row, American Tornado pushed the payload all the way but DarkMode struggled to push in the streets phase of the map. In Havana, they also struggled during the streets phase. In the final map, Volskaya American Tornado pulled off a full defense and took the series.

Thus, American Tornado has regained their title and are now again the Contenders Champion in NA.

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