Amazon’s MMO, New World delayed again.

New World is now releasing in 2021, after a second delay.

Amazon Game Studio’s new MMO New World is delayed again for the 2nd time of this year. Now it is scheduled for a 2021 release. Apparently, this delay is for extra time for adding extra content.

Another Amazon game had a similar treatment, a few days ago. Free to play, Crucible was transferred back to closed beta after launch. A surprising and rare move by developers.

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Initially, New World was supposed to release on May 26th, then pushed it to August 25th. Although, the reason was due to the COVID pandemic- a common occurrence for studios.


Now the game is pushed back even further, to somewhere in Spring 2021. Additionally, beta testing will also be held around the same period.

Director Rich Lawrence stated that the delay was planned due to input from alpha testers and fans from gameplay videos, who complained about lacking game content, griefing, and backdated gameplay and graphics.

Now developers will be working to add more in-game content, especially at the mid and end-game. In fact, content planned for post-game will now be added to the game as well. Furthermore, alpha and beta testers, pre-order purchasers will get to experience a preview of the game on August 25th. Hopefully, we can learn more about the state of the game.

Credit: Redbull

Till now, it doesn’t look like New World development is going too smoothly. In addition to two backtracked games, Amazon Game Studios has been working on a few more unannounced titles. Hence, it is evident that a lot of pressure is now on the developers to deliver a winning debut.

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