Amazon is spending nearly $500 Million on its gaming division

Latest reports have concluded that Amazon is spending almost $500 Million for its gaming Division.

Amazon has been trying to pull off a hit for some time now but has yet to deliver something. The company has its issues due to which the game division has yet to take off. According to reports, they are spending $500 million a year on their gaming division. The money excludes the amount spent on Twitch and Amazon Luna, and it’s quite surprising that they still have not been able to make something great.

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Amazon has canceled a few titles saying the spending isn’t paying out. Breakaway was canceled, and Crucible was shut down, due to a low player base. All of this happened because of mismanagement inside the gaming Division.

Amazon had its fair shares of great developers like Kim Swift and Clint Hooking, but unfortunately, they no longer work there. The company had its MMORPG coming August 2020, although it was later delayed to Spring 2021.

Amazon’s struggle to launch its games and management has been real. The MMORPG The Open World is set to have a closed beta in July. It will be coming out soon and we all hope the company finally takes off with a hit.

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