All Xbox games that will not require Xbox Live Gold

Xbox users will not have to pay to play free games on their consoles soon. Hence, we compiled a list of all the games that will no longer require Xbox Live Gold.

In January, Xbox caused outrage among fans when they briefly announced that they would increase the prices of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. Almost doubling it. Although they backtracked on the decision just after a day, after heavy backlash.

Moreover, in a turn of events, they revealed that free-to-play games will not require Xbox Live Gold in the future. Gaining back the love almost in an instant.

Now, most free games are already playable without any subscriptions but for only Insiders. Therefore it’ll open to the public in a few weeks.

And we won’t have to pay extra for some of the biggest games like Fortnite, Apex, Warzone, Warframe, etc. Xbox has a lot of free games to be enjoyed and more on the way. Over 50+.

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All Xbox games that will not require Xbox Live Gold anymore are:

For the longest time, Xbox remained the only platform, where free-to-play games required online subscriptions. Now that it is changed, more people especially on the budget and online gamers will look forward to getting their hands on Xbox.

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