All Trophies and Achievements: Ghostrunner 2

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Gostrunner 2 has us revved up with fighting intense sword combats and solving challenging puzzles. The second installment of the title has exceeded all our expectations and turned out to be far more exciting than the previous one. With new features and game mechanics, the gameplay has been compelling throughout. As you embark Jack on the thrilling journey to take on the army of AI humanoids, you unlock various Trophies and Achievements in Gostrunner 2.

Carrying out specific objectives and reaching certain goals will earn you exciting trophies that you can keep as souvenirs. There are a plethora of trophies and Achievements for you to earn throughout its numerous levels. But in order for you to start collecting these achievements, you have to know about the tasks you need to complete. So, without further ado, let us delve into the list of all trophies and achievements in Ghostrunner 2.

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All Trophies and Achievements in Ghostrunner 2

All Trophies and Achievements: GhostRunner 2
Image Credit: One More Level

There are a total of 34 trophies and achievements available in Ghostrunner 2 across all platforms. You need to carry out certain tasks and meet the requirements to unlock an achievement. Every one of them is distinct from one another. Below are all the trophies and achievements in Ghostrunner 2, along with their how-tos:

Trophy/AchievementHow to ObtainRarity
01101110 01101001 01100011 01100101Fully upgrade the MotherboardGold
All Jacked UpBuy all the Upgrade ChipsGold
Baby StepsBuy your first Upgrade ChipBronze
Be Like WaterDeflect 10 bullets in a rowSilver
BikemaggedonRan over 5 enemies with the motorcycleBronze
Chewing the SceneryFind all the collectible itemsGold
Connection LostDefeat Rahu the AvatarBronze
Digestive IssuesDefeat Naga the SandwormBronze
EavesdropperCollect all the audiologsSilver
Explosive PersonalityKill 5 enemies with one explosive barrel
Faster Than LightEarn a gold medal in every challengeSilver
First Time?Die for the first timeBronze
Funeral Of The DeathDefeat Madhu the DismantlerBronze
Garbage ManCollect all the artifactsSilver
GodrunnerFinish any 5 levels without dyingGold
Half Man, Half MachineBuy 10 Upgrade ChipsSilver
He Just Wanted To HelpDefeat Ahriman without using Bakunin’s TaserBronze
Jack Of All TradesAll trophies obtainedPlatinum
Live By The SwordComplete your sword collectionSilver
Master ManipulatorKill 4 enemies with a single use of the Overlord abilitySilver
Nasty!Kill 6 Shinobi with a perfect parrySilver
No More TotemsDestroy 3 Dismantler totems in less than 45 secondsBronze
Not Like The OthersComplete a level without using the Basic AttackSilver
One-Star ManKill 3 enemies with a single shuriken without using the environmentSilver
Scorch Squaaad! Kill 8 enemies with a single use of the Flux abilityBronze
The Floor Is LavaKill 20 enemies while grinding the GrindlineSilver
The Old-School WayFinish any level without blockingBronze
The QuarterbackDefeat Ahriman the DestroyerBronze
Time For Your Ninja Rope To ShineUse the gap-jammer on stunned enemies 25 timesBronze
This… Is… Dharma!Kill an enemy after launching him in the air with the Tempest abilityBronze
Un-ResurrectedDefeat Mitra the ResurrectedSilver
We’re Not In Kansas AnymoreLeave the Dharma TowerBronze
You’re Starting To Get ItComplete a level without dyingSilver
You’ve Reached The Right NumberGet a x15 comboSilver
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