All the upcoming leaked weapons in Apex Legends 2022

A new leak has revealed new information regarding all the upcoming weapons in Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment joined the highly competitive battle royale genre of video games with Apex Legends which is set in the same universe as their popular Titanfall franchise of video games.

Since it is based in the same universe as the Titanfall games, Respawn took heavy inspiration from weapons & throwable grenades from that world and brought it back to Apex Legends with subtle balancing tweaks.

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Additionally, with each new seasonal update to the game, Respawn is adding more weapons to the already stacked loot pool of Apex. And turns out, they have no intention of slowing down as leaks from pretty reliable data miner suggests Respawn might be working on more weapons to release in future seasons.

Aside from weapons, new throwable grenade types are also rumored to be in the works. Even Titans are in active development at Respawn Entertainment. As these Titans are a great unbalancing factor, Respawn is tweaking every part of a Titan to make it fair for a battle royale setting.

Upcoming Weapon Leaks


EPG is a grenade launcher weapon from the original Titanfall games. And it’s primarily used to deal with Titans. Character voice lines alongside a small teaser of this weapon have already been found in the game in the season 5 battle pass trailer.

In that new season announcement trailer, a training dummy holding an EPG was spotted. Furthermore, Apex Legends developer Ferreira already stated that they are working to bring Titans into Apex Legends.

Apex EPG
Image via Thordan Smash

So, it makes sense that they might be working on a defensive weapon to counter Titans as they are known to be an unbalancing factor in this shooter.

Nemesis Burst AR

Nemesis burst AR was accidentally leaked in the Evolution collection event. And Respawn later confirmed that it was unintentional as it is still in development. Meaning they are still working on this energy-based Burst Assult Rifle, as of writing.

Energy-Based Pistol

Another Energy-based pistol was leaked during the Genesis collection event. And this weapon was apparently using the RE-45 model as a placeholder. Aside from this pistol, another energy-based weapon with a long weapon model with yellow and blue colorway was seen in the same collection event.


MKA-00 was first leaked during the Emergence dev live stream. As this weapon has a very similar naming scheme with both Akdal MKA 1919 and EAA MKA 1923 from the Titanfall games, this weapon might be a shotgun that takes shotgun shells since similarly named weapons were all shotguns.

However, the leak also revealed that this weapon can actually take standard stock so it is actually not sure whether or not it is actually a shotgun. Rumor suggests this could be a weapon with additional gimmick similar to most other new weapon releases.


Hailstorm is a light machine gun that was data-mined a while ago. But Respawn has apparently removed all mention of this weapon from the game files. And that may suggest that they might have canceled it altogether or are still working on it in secret.

Cryo Grenade

Data miners have also found out files regarding an upcoming Cryo grenade that might be capable of freezing players. Shrugtal, a prominent Apex Legends data miner first revealed this new throwable grenade that Respawn is apparently working on right now.

Cryo grenade Apex
Image credit: Shrugtal

Based on all the leaks so far, this grenade might stun people and slow down their movement dramatically.

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