All Ridden Types in Back 4 Blood

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Credit- Turtle Rock Studios

Here’s a complete breakdown of all three types of Ridden you’ll go against in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood is a first-person zombie shooter that will have you fighting off the undead in a 4 person team. The game gives you the satisfaction of killing different kinds of Zombies or so-called Riddens in the game.

There are three types of Zombies/Riddens, which then get divided into more subcategories. These types are Common Riddens, Special Riddens, and Boss-like Riddens.

And, each Zombie is different with respect to their looks and strength. Below is a complete breakdown of each type and its subsets.

All Ridden Types in Back 4 Blood

Here are all types of Riddens in Back 4 Blood and their variants to give you a better idea of what you are facing.

Common Riddens

Back 4 Blood Common Riddens
Credit- Turtle Rock Studios

The easiest zombies to kill in Back 4 Blood are the common Riddens. However, different variants of Common Reddins come as you level up. It will cause you to shift your strategies and pick different corruption cards.

Each variant needs a different approach and as common Ridden’s come in numbers, you will have to be always ready. Below, we have made a list of all common Riddens:

  • Ridden
  • Armored Ridden
  • Charred Ridden
  • Blighted Ridden
  • Jogger Swarm
  • Runners
  • Sprinters
  • Shambling Ridden Swarm

Special Riddens

Now, let’s get into a category that is much more difficult to counter than the Common Ridden.

Special Riddens do not come in numbers like common Riddens, but they pack a punch all by themselves. They are the mutated version of Riddens, and they have unique abilities.

Players must be careful when facing them as they can do deadly damage to cleaners and wipe them out. Below, we have made a list of all the special Riddens in Back 4 Blood:

  •  Reekers
  •  Exploders
  •  Retches
  •  Stingers
  •  Stalkers
  •  Hockers
  •  Snatchers
  •  Tallboys
  •  Bruisers
  •  Crushers
  • Snitchers

Reeker,Exploder, Retch Riddens

Each special Ridden is different in its own way, saying that each set of Riddens is supposed to do particular jobs.

Retch, Exploder, and Reeker are sets of Riddens meant to damage and weaken you using their abilities.

A Retch is a Ridden that vomits out a chunk of acidic liquid that covers a small area. Exploders, on the other hand, are what their name suggests.

If you were not fond of bombers in Left 4 Dead, you would not be fond of these as well. Exploders will charge forward and explode to cause a big explosion damaging everyone around its blast radius.

Reeker will disrupt the team combination and separate cleaners. It can knock cleaners away when it charges forward, and it also leaves behind a sticky goo when it dies. This sticky goo slows down players walking over it, making it easy for the rest of Riddens to get to you.

Stalker, Hocker, and Stinger Riddens

Stalkers, Hockers, and Stingers are fast Riddens and can do damage from a range. They can be a real threat if not dealt with quickly.

Hocker is ranged Ridden, sending sticky projectiles that will pin you down if hit. In comparison, Stalkers are fast with excellent mobility, which will dive on your teammates and drag them away.

The last kind is Stinger, also a ranged attacker, who throws projectiles that can blur the vision of anyone it hits.

Tallboy, Bruiser, and Crusher Riddens

The last but not least kind of Special Riddens are the brutal three. Tallboys, Bruisers, and Crushers are certainly not the type of Riddens you want to 1v1.

They have low movement speed, but they have enough health to kill everyone in your squad. Staying at a range from them is the safest as they can do massive damage at close range.

Bruiser can do massive damage with a huge smash attack that covers a large area. You will not want to be in that range of any of these Reddin’s because they will rip you to shreds.

Crusher is the fastest one on these Special Ridden’s, and it grabs players and squeezes them, causing overtime damage and making you helpless.

Tallboy is the last of all Special Reddins. It charges ahead in short intervals and does a robust overhead attack.

Snitcher Ridden

Snitcher Back 4 Blood
Credit- Turtle Rock Studios

Snitchers are zombies you will have to kill instantly, or they will make you pay for it. These, if given a chance to live a little longer, would send out a huge cry. This cry will bring all the Riddens to come rushing to its aid, making it impossible for you to do anything without killing all of them.

Boss-Like Riddens

Among all Ridden types in Back 4 Blood, Boss-like Riddens are the most powerful and fierce. These are the most potent and dangerous Riddens released in the game.

Boss like Reddins includes three Reddins, Ogre, Hag, and Breaker. We have broken down and explained each below:


Breaker Back 4 Blood
Credit- Turtle Rock Studios

Breaker is one of the Boss-Like Ridden with a lot of health in Back 4 Blood. Thanks to its vast body structure and power, it sends a powerful shockwave that sends you flying. Once you see this Reddin among the others, make it your priority to finish it quickly because it can be deadly if it gets close.


Hag Back 4 Blood
Credit- Turtle Rock Studios

Among other hideous Reddins, this is probably everyone’s least favorite. Not only does it look like it came off of someone’s nightmare, but Hag can also be terrifying if it grabs one of your Teammates. Hag is tall and has long arms, so be careful when facing it. After it grabs one of your teammates, make sure to damage it, or your friend is good as gone.


Ogre Back 4 Blood
Credit- Turtle Rock Studios

Ogre could be called the tank of Reddin’s, and it is a huge mutated Reddin with incredible power. It is one of the most challenging monsters in Back 4 Blood. They will destroy everything that comes in their path.

Due to its health, you will need a lot of ammo and explosives to defeat it. The Ogre is the only beast you must stand clear of since it can do immense damage to anything in front of it.

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