All The New Skin Packs That are Coming To Fortnite

Epic Games added a lot of skins in the latest Fortnite update. Among them, there are some skins that are going to be part of skin packs in Fortnite.

In Season 3 of Chapter 2, Epic Games is introducing so many new skins as well as skin bundles. The bundles are usually in the item shop for longer and cannot be bought with Vbucks. Bundles usually have 3 skins and sometimes an emote.

In this article, I will go over all of the skin packs that are going to be released in Fortnite in the future.

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Shadow Rising 2.0

Shadow Rising 2.0 bundle will have 3 skins. These skins are black variants of the previous Mecha Team Leader, Archetype, and the Brite Gunner skin. The skin is probably going to be $20 in the item shop.

Shadow Legend 2.0
Credit:Epic games

The bundle will also have matching backpacks as their normal variant skins and a black variant for the Mecha Team Leader pickaxe.

Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack

Another bundle that will be in the item shop will be the Derby Dynamo Challenge pack. The pack will feature the Derby Dynamo skin in three variant styles. This pack could be buyable via Vbucks. The price might be 1500 and it might be giftable to friends. The skins will also feature a set of backblings.

Derby Dynamo Skin Pack
Credit:Epic games

The bundle will also feature a build in emote. We can see the in-game look of the emote.

Samurai Scrapper bundle

Samurai Scrapper will be another bundle for Fortnite STW. Players will need to buy this pack from the STW section of Fortnite. The skin will probably cost $20 for Battle Royale players and $15 for players who already own STW.

Players can also complete this skin pack challenge in STW to get up-to 1000 VB. Buying this skin pack will also award players access to the STW part of Fortnite.

Credit: Epic Games

These are all the skin packs that are currently known to be coming to Fortnite in the future.

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