All The New Leaked Cosmetics In The Fortnite 13.40 Joyride Update

Fortnite added a bunch of new skin to the game files in The new 13.40 Joyride update.

Another new Fortnite and as always a whole bunch of skins. In the recent update a variety of new skins, emotes, backblings and wraps have been added to the game files. Leakers were quick to leak all of the skin even before they are out in the item shop.

Most of the skins seem to be themed around the new Coral Castle POI. The new poi is a replica of Fortnite’s version of Atlantis. The skins also reflect the whole underwater vibe.

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A total of 14 new skins were added to the game files with the latest update. Some of them have an Atlantis theme and some are leaked skins from previous updates.

The Mecha Team Shadow is part of the new Shadow legends 2.0 pack. All the other skins will come to the item shop. Purple rarity skins will be 1500VB, Blue will be 1200, and green will be 800 VB like always.

The Castaway Jonesy was leaked back in Chapter 1 season 8. It is finally coming to the item shop and will be 800 VB.

Fortnite 13.40 update skins
Credit: Lucas7yoshi Twitter

These are the Backblings that will come with their respective skins.

Fortnite 13.40 update Backblings
Credit: Lucas7yoshi Twitter


There are a variety of new pickaxes and Gliders that players can get from the item shop.

Fortnite 13.40 update Pickaxes and Glider
Credit: Lucas7yoshi Twitter


We also saw the addition of 4 new emotes that will be in the item shop in the future.

Fortnite 13.40 update Emotes
Credit: Lucas7yoshi Twitter

Thanks to HYPEX on Twitter we can see the emotes in-game.

Wraps/Music Packs

New wraps and music packs were added too in the new update. They feature the same color scheme as their respective skins but need to be bought separately.

Fortnite 13.40 update Wraps and Music Packs
Credit: Lucas7yoshi Twitter

These we all the leaked cosmetic items added in the new Fortnite 13.40 update.

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