All the Marvel X Fortnite Crossover Official Comic Covers

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Marvel/ Epic Games

All the Marvel X Fortnite crossover official comic covers that have been released so far.

Fortnite season 4 is almost halfway complete. This season has been a blast so far with the Marvel X Fortnite crossover. All of the battle pass skins are Marvel characters and they are some of the best skins ever. This season is also the most restricted in case of customization.

Still, this season is one of the best so far and a lot of players have returned to Fortnite simply because of this crossover. There are some amazing official cover of Marvel X Fortnite crossover that caught our attention.

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Marvel X Fortnite Crossover Comic Covers

Marvel and Fortnite crossover comic covers are simply adding hype on top of the official battle pass and story crossover. Galactus is currently heading for the Fortnite island and all of the Marvel and Fortnite characters have to team up to stop him from consuming everything.

The Marvel X Fortnite crossover comic covers capture some of the characters teaming up and that adds to the lore and story of Fortnite. Below are all of the Marvel X Fortnite crossover covers that have been released so far-

The last one containing Fishsticks and Thor was just recently released. All of the other ones were released previously.

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