Resident Evil Village: All The Goat of Warding Locations

Here is a guide as to where you can find all the goats in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village is now available for gamers around the world. It has a thriller story along with a zombie survival experience you will not forget. Furthermore, the game itself has a lot of mysteries to unlock, as all Resident Evil games have. In fact, one of them is collecting Goats which you can find throughout the Resident Evil Village map.

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We have created a list below that will guide you to the locations of each goat in Resident Evil Village. Moreover, there are no spoilers, so feel free to read through all the locations below. Resident Evil puzzles can be a little challenging sometimes. Although you will not get a trophy to collect Goats of Warding in the Resident Evil Village, there is an ingame reward after you collect all 20.

Village Goat OF Warding locations

Goat of Warding 1 location (Maiden of War)

This Goat of Warding will only be triggered after the player has a conversation with a mysterious woman who talks in riddles. You can check out the map and location below.

Goat of Warding 2 location (Church)

This one is pretty easy to obtain since you will just have to look northeast of the little church.

Goat of Warding 3 location (Fallow Plot)

Head east from the last goat, and you will find yourself with the next goat. In the Northeast corner of the Fallow Plot, up some stairs, you will find a goat.

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Goat of Warding 4 location (West Old Town)

You will find the next one around the West Old Town area. After you get attacked by Lycans, you will see a blue gate. Across this gate, you will see a building, and to its left, you will find the goat.

Goat of Warding 5 location (Graveyard)

You can only unlock this Goat after you have the Iron Insignia key. Go back to the place you found the 2nd goat, and you will see a gate matching the Iron Insignia Key. Turn right once you are through the gate head right, and you will find the goat next to a large grave.

Goat of Warding 6 location (Lone Road)

Some Goats of Warding will unlock after a point in the story. Players will be able to find this after you have made your way out of the castle. After you are out of the castle you will find yourself on a bridge. Take the small stairs down, turn around, and you will see a small dark room. The room will contain the 6th Goat of Warding on the floor.

Castle Dimitrescu goat locations

Goat of Warding 7 location (Vineyard)

As you will approach the Dimitrescu Caste, On the Northern end of the Vines, you will see goat hidden in them pretty well.

Goat of Warding 8 location (Distillery)

In the basement of the Dimitrescu castle in a location called the Distillery, players will find their 8th Goat of Warding.

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Goat of Warding 9 location (Attic)

The next goat is present on the roof of the castle. In the attic area, players have to climb a ladder, and you will see the goat when you turn around.

House Beneviento goat locations

Goat of Warding 10 location (Suspension Bridge)

As you find your way to Donna Beneviento’s House, after you cross over a rope bridge, look south, and you will see a Goat of Warding in the nearest bridge amongst others in the view.

Goat of Warding 11 location (House Beneviento)

After you reach the Beneviento House, head round left from the front door, and you will reach an area at the edge of the cliff. You will find your 11th Goat of Warding there hiding behind the fence.

Reservoir goat locations

Goat of Warding 12 location (Windmill Turntable)

At some point in the story, when you are in the place called the Windmill Turntable. Climb the windmill, and you will find a Goat of Warding hiding next to some logs on the upper floor.

Goat of Warding location 13 (Reservoir houses)

You will find this Goat of Warding on top of a Wooden pole coming out of the Reservior water. Look in the direction of the huge sluice gate after your push your first cart into the water to make a pathway.

Goat of Warding 14 location (Boat keeper’s hut)

You will have to run through some locations again after certain events in the game as they unlock new areas. After you defeat Moreau go across the new bridge from the boat keeper’s hut. You will find the Goat of Warding outside the shell of the windmill when you go through the ruined windmill.

Stronghold goat locations

Goat of Warding 15 location (Otto’s Mill)

If you have successfully found all the 15 Goats of Warding, the last few will certainly test you. Go through the Stronghold area in the game, then go through the gate which leads you to the northeast from the village. Take the path to the left, and after you find a fork in the road which says “good luck”. After you come to the river, go above it, and underneath the factory-like building, you will find the Goat of Warding there.

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Goat of Warding 16 location (Stronghold staircase)

Again the Stronghold area players will come across a large spiral staircase. At the bottom of it, you will find your 16th Goat of Warding to the edge of the staircase.

Heisenburg’s factory goat locations

Goat of Warding 17 location (Duke’s elevator)

This Goat of Warding is easy to locate. Take the elevator in the Heisenburg factory to the top floor. You will see the Goat of Warding on a ledge next to the door of the elevator.

Goat of Warding 18 location (Ventilation Duct)

When you are in the ventilation duct, destroy the rotors and head to the southern end of the ventilation duct. At the end of the road above some steel wreckage, you will find the 18th Goat of Warding.

Goat of Warding 19 location (Cargo Bay)

At the near end of the Heisenburg factory, after facing the mini-boss with rotor blades. You will find yourself in a subsequent room with a control panel. There is a small vent that you can go through at the eastern end of the room. This path will lead you to the 19th Goat of Warding.

Goat of Warding 20 location (Underground)

When you find yourself wandering in this area located on the map. Players will find themselves face to face with a huge object, after which a cut scene will play. Turn right and use your scoped weapon to fin the final Goat of Warding hiding at the foot of a larger statue.

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